Model: Brady Kent

Jacking and squirting with the sexy Brady Kent

March 8, 2015
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This is the video I made with my 25 year old mate Brday Kent while I was visiting Berlin recently. I'm really glad I kept in touch with the muscly wrestler from Bulgaria. He is a lot of fun to shoot with. He is always up for trying something new and likes to joke around as I click away. This video came at the end of quite a long photo shoot. So Brady had already been hard for quite a while before the video rolled for this solo jacking scene. Brady is jerking off over a porno playing on the TV. I made sure I caught him in action from every angle. But it's that huge cum shot across the table that I made sure I was ready to capture. I have no idea how far guys are going to cum when they climax. Well in this video Brady sprays right across the table and well beyond the camera's field of vision. That was a crazy lot of cum! And another excellent video from one of the sexiest men I have had the pleasure of watching get off.

Behind the Scenes – Brady’s photoshoot in Berlin

June 10, 2013
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I made this video during my photoshoot with Brady in my bedroom in Berlin.  Brady had already stripped off once and was about to do it again for his video scene. I had a lot of fun shooting with this straight Bulgarian muscle boy. We were doing all kinds of crazy poses while he was sporting a hard on. But I could tell that he was wanting to get off, so I swapped the camera for the video camera.

Brady’s fleshlight fucking scene

June 2, 2013
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Brady's shoot in Berlin was one of the most fun shoots I had while we were staying in Germany. His photoshoot was a lot of fun. Brady started pulling poses, flexing and boxing while I snapped away. He quickly became rock hard so I decided it was time to stop and grab the video camera. Armed with some porn on the laptop, some lube and a fleshlight, my new straight mate was ready to put on a show. Brady looks so dam hot as he shoves the fleshlight in to the side of the bed and proceeds to fuck it. Watch as his stomache muscles all tense up with each thrust deep in to the rubber toy.  He's a big shooter too!  He told me later that it was his first time using a fleshlight and that he wanted to get one to take home. I hope to catch up with Brady when I get over to Europe again later this year.