Photo shoot
31 Oct, 2015

Brady Kent strips out of his wrestling gear

I love shooting with this straight muscle boy from Bulgaria. I met Brady a couple of years ago in Berlin. I was really happy to get to meet up with him again on a recent trip to Europe. We shot a tonne of stuff during that week, including this little shoot with Brady stripping out of his wrestling kit. Though I suspect he wear’s more than this in a real wrestling match. Brady doesn’t speak much English and I don’t speak Bulgarian, so it’s a shame we have never been able to have a proper conversation. If you have watched any of Brady’s behind the scenes videos you will see how some of my direction is misunderstood. Mostly it leads to some pretty funny outcomes. I’m hoping I will be able to get Brady back in front of the camera again sometime, this Bulgarian stud is smoking hot!

Behind the scenes
23 Jul, 2015

Muscly Bulgarian hottie – Brady’s shower shoot

This muscly Bulgarian is one of the sexiest guys I’ve had the pleasure to shoot with on my travels in Europe. We have done a couple of shoots together now, and I still don’t know which of the other European guys on the site suggested he come to meet me. Whoever it was, I’m glad they did. Brady is a super sweet guy and I’m glad we stayed in touch and got together again last month at my hotel to shoot another very hot scene. Brady is posing for me here in a pair of Aussiebum speedos, before slipping out of them in the shower. As he gets wet I move just far enough back on the floor so I don’t get the camera wet, but still grab some good shots. Brady loves showing off and pulling some silly poses and flashing me that cheeky grin. Brady doesn’t speak a lot of English, so we don’t really get to know a lot more about our sexy Bulgarian mate. Make sure you check out all of Brady’s videos now posted.

Photo shoot
1 Jul, 2015

Shower time with hot wrestler Brady Kent

I have just been checking out these shots of my beautiful straight mate Brady Kent. This muscly wrestler from Europe met me in my Berlin hotel room earlier this year to strip and flex his muscles for me. After we met a couple of years ago he has been one of my favourite mates to catch up with whenever I head over there. Today he is stripping out of his little Aussiebum speedo and flexing in the shower. Brady always looks great and is a lot of fun to shoot with. He’s looking a bit more buff since the last time we saw each other.

Behind the scenes
4 Apr, 2015

My muscly mate Brady Kent – That photoshoot in Berlin

One of the sexiest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during my visits to Europe is the Bulgarian wrestler Brady Kent. I count myself lucky to be able to meet such beautiful men. Which is why I kept in touch with Brady since we first met in 2013. I had the video camera set up in the corner of the hotel room on the day we met earlier this year to catch me directing Brady through his photoshoot. Sadly it’s difficult for me to have a conversation in English with Brady. But we understood enough to work through the shoot, and most importantly get some amazing photos. Brday though it was funny that he would be posing naked in a high rise window with tall crane drivers working away outside. He has a very good sense of humour too. I will be looking him up when I get a chance to travel there again.

8 Mar, 2015

Jacking and squirting with the sexy Brady Kent

This is the video I made with my 25 year old mate Brday Kent while I was visiting Berlin recently. I’m really glad I kept in touch with the muscly wrestler from Bulgaria. He is a lot of fun to shoot with. He is always up for trying something new and likes to joke around as I click away. This video came at the end of quite a long photo shoot. So Brady had already been hard for quite a while before the video rolled for this solo jacking scene. Brady is jerking off over a porno playing on the TV. I made sure I caught him in action from every angle. But it’s that huge cum shot across the table that I made sure I was ready to capture. I have no idea how far guys are going to cum when they climax. Well in this video Brady sprays right across the table and well beyond the camera’s field of vision. That was a crazy lot of cum! And another excellent video from one of the sexiest men I have had the pleasure of watching get off.

Photo shoot
3 Mar, 2015

Hot European wrestler Brady Kent stripping and flexing

I was really excited about timing my visit to Berlin at the same time my Bulgarian wrestler mate Brady was going to be in town. I met Brady a couple of years ago when our visit to Germany coincided. I had a lot of fun shooting with him back then and his photos looked amazing!  I stayed in touch with the 25 year old since then in case our travels was cross again. I almost didn’t recognise him in the hotel foyer when he trundled in with a gym bag over his shoulder. We quickly disappeared up to my room where Brady quickly got naked and changed in to a pair of Aussiebums and a sports tracksuit. Brady still looks amazing. He is still wrestling in Bulgaria and has maintained a very nice physique. So needless to say, I took a tonne of photos as he stripped naked again. And some straight porn on the telly helped my muscly mate work his uncut cock rock hard. I love Brady’s muscly physique. But I gotta say that I love his perfect little round bum too. You can see that I took loads of photos of that too. Brady did an great shoot as he posed and flexed for me. He even joked about the driver in the nearby tower crane being able to view him naked in the window.

Photo shoot
17 Aug, 2013

Flexing with Brady Kent

I did this impromptu shoot with Brady in my vacation apartment in Berlin. Brady spotted the wrestling gear in amongst my stuff and wanted to try it on.  Brady is actually a wrestler back in his home town of Sofia. I guess that’s where he got his lean muscular body. He looks great in the lycra singlet, and out of it. There was a big mirror at the end of the bed so you can see Brady admiring himself as he flexes and strips off in the mirror.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with Brady when I get over to Europe again.

Photo shoot
10 Jul, 2013

Hit the showers with Brady Kent

Brady’s first shoot with me actually happened in the shower.  It was a freezing day in Berlin when we met so I suggested that he strip down and warm up in the shower while I take some shots. Muscle packed Brady looks so hot as he flexes in a pair of speedos before he jumps in the shower. He was a bit nervous at first since we had just met, but quickly warmed up and started to have some fun with me as he flexed again under the hot water.  24 year old Brady is actually from Bulgaria.  He was visiting Berlin at the same time we were in town. We have kept in touch since then. I’d love to get him in front of the camera again.  Make sure you also check out the very hot fleshlight fucking video he made.

Behind the scenes
10 Jun, 2013

Behind the Scenes – Brady’s photoshoot in Berlin

I made this video during my photoshoot with Brady in my bedroom in Berlin.  Brady had already stripped off once and was about to do it again for his video scene. I had a lot of fun shooting with this straight Bulgarian muscle boy. We were doing all kinds of crazy poses while he was sporting a hard on. But I could tell that he was wanting to get off, so I swapped the camera for the video camera.

2 Jun, 2013

Brady’s fleshlight fucking scene

Brady’s shoot in Berlin was one of the most fun shoots I had while we were staying in Germany. His photoshoot was a lot of fun. Brady started pulling poses, flexing and boxing while I snapped away. He quickly became rock hard so I decided it was time to stop and grab the video camera. Armed with some porn on the laptop, some lube and a fleshlight, my new straight mate was ready to put on a show. Brady looks so dam hot as he shoves the fleshlight in to the side of the bed and proceeds to fuck it. Watch as his stomache muscles all tense up with each thrust deep in to the rubber toy.  He’s a big shooter too!  He told me later that it was his first time using a fleshlight and that he wanted to get one to take home. I hope to catch up with Brady when I get over to Europe again later this year.

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